NOVEXX Solutions S.A.S. – English FAQs

Who is NOVEXX Solutions ?

The L. Possehl & Co. mbH Group of companies (Possehl) acquired the Avery Dennison’s Industrial Print & Apply (IPA) line of business from Avery Dennison. If you would like to have some annual reports from Possehl you can ask us for a copy.

Who is Possehl?

L. Possehl & Co. mbH is a big group of medium-sized industrial companies managed in Hanseatic tradition. In their more than 150 companies they employ more than 12,000 people worldwide. Their companies preserve and maintain their unique identity and continue to develop independently within the Group. As a successful and diversely positioned Group with a history spanning across 167 years, the Possehl stands for entrepreneurship, tradition and responsibility.

What is your legal entity?

Novexx Solutions SAS
10 rue du Saule Trapu
91882 Massy

What are your bank details?

IBAN: FR76 1778 9000 0110 5117 7800 184
Bank Name: Deutsche Bank AG Paris

Which general changes do you have?

Only the company name, the logo, the bank details, the legal entity, the VAT number and registration number have changed.

Which products belong to NOVEXX Solutions?

The IPA business includes: Print & Apply Systems, Labelers, Thermal Transfer Printers and all hardware designed and/or manufactured in our Eching facility.

These are:

  • Print & Apply Systems of our ALX family (incl. PEM & DPM)
  • Labelers of our ALS family
  • Thermal transfer printer of our 64-0x printer family incl. RFID and AP 5.x
  • All related options & accessories, e.g. conveyors and applicators
  • Appropriate supplies, such as tags, labels and ribbons
  • Technical service, spare and wear parts, inhouse repair, service contracts and software solutions associated with supporting the products above
Is the existing ISO certificate still valid?

Please find the latest certificate here.

Will the software Track & Trace and Nicelabel still be serviced?


Can I still get spare parts? Where?

Yes please contact our service hotline: 08 25 82 61 52 or send us an email to

Where do I have to pay my open invoice from Avery Dennison Systèmes d’Etiquettage France after 31.5.2015?

To the account of Novexx Solutions SAS.

Who is my current contact person?

Your contact person will not change and will be available under the same telephone number. The new email address will be: First Name.Second

Where can I ask for technical questions or technical support?

Please contact our service hotline: 08 25 82 61 52.

Where can I ask for labels, thermal transfer ribbons and hardware and order them?

All questions can be addressed to your known sales contact or the Customer Service person.

Where can I give feedback according the quality?

All requests can be made to the customer service mentioned on your invoice. All claims that are related to NOVEXX Solutions products will be evaluated with the known process.

What will happen with my open order?

You will receive a new order acknowledgement from the new legal entity Novexx Solutions SAS under the same conditions.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

Please follow this link.

Will my confirmed delivery dates change?

The mentioned delivery date on your Avery Dennison order acknowledgement will still be valid

Will the offers from Avery Dennison be valid under NOVEXX from 1st of June 2015?

The offer created from Avery Dennison will also be valid under Novexx Solutions SAS, 10 rue du Saule Trapu 91882 Massy from 1st of June 2015 onwards.

Is there any change for my existing maintenance contracts and blanket agreements?

All existing contracts will be transferred to NOVEXX Solutions. Please contact us, if you did not receive a document.

Will the issued long term supplier‘s declaration remain valid?

The supplier`s declaration as well as the long term supplier`s declaration are issued for products. The supplier`s declarations will only be issued for one delivery. Therefore they will definitely not be valid anymore.The long term supplier`s declaration stay valid. In case the preferential rules of origin will change for the products, the customer will be informed about the changes. This is also prescribed by customs law.

Will there be new article numbers for the products?

No, the article numbers will stay the same.

How can I return goods?

Please follow the known RMA (return material authorization) process and request a RMA form.

Does the price, the quality or do the materials of the products change?

Neither price, the quality, technical specifications nor the material of the products will change. You will continue to be provided high quality products to attractive prices.